Guatemala City
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The perfect combination between culture and adventure.


Lake Atitlan

No matter where you are looking, this lake has as many charms as incredible landscapes, an interesting mix of culture, nature, and tourism. Lake Atitlan has earned the recognition of being one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, so don’t miss it.

Around the lake, there are many options to have a good time: Viewpoints, villages, craft markets, nature reserves, paragliding, spas, boat rides, kayaking, hiking, nightlife, interesting hotels, and a variety of restaurants.

Colonial Village

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala was declared Cultural Heritage of humanity in 1979 for its colonial architectural style and its abundant history present in each of its streets. This was the third capital of Guatemala until it was devastated by the Santa Marta earthquake in 1773.

The city managed to recover and today you can walk its cobble streets and discover all its charms. You can do activities such as visit impressive ruins, craft markets, nightlife, viewpoints, all kinds of restaurants, cozy hotels and terraces.


Semuc Champey

If there is a paradise it must be something very similar to Semuc Champey, whose meaning in the native language is “Where the river hides under the rocks”. This natural monument is also an icon of Guatemala and is located in the department of Alta Verapaz.

Why is it so special? It is a natural bridge of 300m of karst rock over the Cahabón River. On top of it, there are several natural pools with different depths and its particular turquoise color provokes an interesting natural mystique. Do not miss the opportunity to take a picture from the viewpoint 700m above the bridge.

Market day


If you love crafts and shopping, this is a destination for you. The craft market of Chichicastenango is a colorful place where you can find the best crafts in Guatemala. Do not miss the opportunity to buy a nice souvenir and do not forget to bargain, it is part of the local culture.

The Mayan culture is alive and you can appreciate it here. People proudly wear their traditional regional costumes and practice their ancestral traditions every day. In the church of Santo Tomás, you can witness the religious syncretism that mixes Mayan and Catholic spirituality.

Mayan ruins


Tikal is the perfect place to connect with nature and take stunning pictures on all the different and abundant Mayan ruins found within the National Park, which also has been recognized as Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity.

This ancient Mayan city is an icon for Guatemala, its monumental structures such as the Gran Jaguar and Temple IV have resisted the passage of thousands of years, its greatness makes you go back in time and wonder how they did it?

Guatemala has so many places to see like Izabal (Castillo de San Felipe), Livingston, Cuchumatanes, Quiché, El Paredon, Yaxha, Hunal Ye, Crater Azul, etc. Tell us where you want to visit and we can plan it for you.

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